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Neteller Casinos

Neteller is one of the best options for making deposits at Online Casinos offering same-day payments and virtually instant cash transfers.

You have 5 ways to fund your NETeller account:

  • Instacash
  • F-cash Deposit
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Bank Deposit/Wire
  • Visa or MasterCard (Only)


When online gambling started taking off, the most logical way to make payments was with a credit card. This was an easy and convenient payment method, which seemed perfectly suited to the easy and convenient online kasino spiele you were playing in your favorite online casino. At first, it worked. But then the banks started getting edgy and they started rejecting gambling-related transactions. Since credit cards were the only show in town at the time, so to speak, this was a major inconvenience for online gamblers and a solution had to be found... quickly.

Luckily, the great minds behind the Internet realized that if a person was gambling on the Internet it would be most efficient if he could pay via the Internet. Why use something land-based and ol-fashioned like a credit card to pay for your online slots when you can use something way more appropriate to the new medium? From that question came the answer - e-banks, also known as e-wallets. These electronic banks would allow users to sidestep their credit cards and make quick and easy electronic payments and withdrawals. The idea was brilliant and Neteller stepped into the breach.

Neteller is one of the first e-banks and one of the biggest and most successful. When you open a Neteller account, all transactions are made electronically and without any fuss or fury. Very quickly, the best online casinos became Neteller casinos and players started moving away from credit-card usage to e-bank solutions. When you play online casino games, you don't want any hassle with payments or withdrawals; you want the games themselves to be the center of attention, not payment hassles. The Neteller solution solved the problem created by the uppity credit card companies and the banks and the online gambling industry went on to become one of the fastest growing Internet businesses ever.

When it comes to depositing and engaging in financial transactions with online casino processors, privacy and discretion is so important. No one wants their personal information compromised and this is why an e-wallet can come in handy. Users may add funds to an e-wallet such as Neteller by using their checking account or a credit/debit card. This eliminates the stress of passing out your details to various casinos. Itís easy to use and there are loads of Neteller casinos. In fact, there are not many these days that donít offer Neteller as an option. You can deposit and withdraw all using one easy, fast and convenient method. One of the absolute best features is the speed particularly in terms of withdrawals. Letís say you win and have the will power to cash out, you could have your winnings within minutes. This will depend on the speed of the online casino processor of course but there is virtually no wait time involved when you use the Neteller payment option.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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